Sunday, December 26, 2004

xmas and boxing day

ride map
Crikey. Rode all 'round the houses. Click map for proper view.

(1) Stayed xmas eve at Lisa's in Acton. Woke up very early with beautiful cold blue sky and had to get out in it.
(P) Rode through Hyde Park even tho you're not s'posed to.
(2) Got to work where I had left all my xmas day stuff then Bex called to see if I was going to make it to Jeff's in time for brekky which was soon and I was hungry so I said yes.
(3) Ride up to Jeff's took an hour because I went the wrong way and had to stop lots to check where I was. We opened pressies and played games and misbehaved until it was today.
(4) Woke up early again, got on my bike and once I was in town, decided to take a ride down Oxford St, considered going to Selfridges for Boxing Day sale but there were queues at 9 and it opens at 11:30 and I was afraid it would put me in a very bad mood so I took off...
(5) back to work where i am typing with cold fingers and empty tummy

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