Sunday, November 28, 2004

first ride on new bike

very busy day.. woke up 6ish, lay in bed trying to sleep and failing browsed the net looking for a good deal on a bike and 2 hours later i was gingerly dealing with london traffic on my way home with a beautiful 2nd hand Specialized Crossroads hybrid, mountain/road bike. Lovely, lovely. Alex (flatmate) kindly took me for my first ride and gave me an intro to london traffic and a fantastic tour which you can see here.
sunday cycle route
I now have a rather sore arse but otherwise very happy.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Something that made me laugh this morning...

while eating breakfast at the lovely yellow cafe near my place. not just laugh of course but definitely some half stifled gaffaws whilst not wanting to appear wierder than i already did eating breaky on my own in a trendy cafe.

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Our man in the US: Israel uses TV show to find its best spin doctor

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Deptford to Tower Bridge

Ok, this is the start of a NEW thing and the big news since last time is my flat:

55 Barfleur Lane

I'm deeply in love with it and the trip to work which is just 12 minutes up the Thames on the ferry. Fantastic. Beats the hell out of taking the tube. Here's an aerial photo of the flat. We're in Southeast London just 20 mins walk from Greenwich. In the top right you can see the Millenium Dome. I should write more but its after midnight and I'm exhausted.

Here's more photos of my flat and my trip to work in the morning and home again in the evening. Click this link to see them.
Deptford to Tower Bridge