Sunday, November 19, 2006

Nude Juice Bar - Leeds

First post in a while. I've made a new photo gallery, I've quit my job, finish on December 1st and fly to NZ on the 4th for.. a month or so. Haven't bought my ticket back yet because I'm trying to figure out how I can pop in and see JJ in Tasmania on the way back.

Things on my mind this morning..

Why don't the 90% (wild guess) of people who don't have the time or the inclination to
acquire the knowledge they would need to make best use of the technology available to them have anyone to support them?

I would like to see technical support come out of the dark ages.

If I can write this from a cafe in Leeds, it should be possible to get in touch with the person who can analyse and provide the right answer to your question within minutes and it shouldn't cost more than the computer they're trying to fix. But then why just computer problems? Actually, come to think of it there are some freaky sounding services in the UK that promise to answer any question and text you back the answer...