Sunday, January 30, 2005


brighton picsbrighton picsbrighton picsbrighton picsbrighton pics
Brighton - nice and friendly. Think I'll be back. My cousin Susannah and I took off after equally horrid Fridays at work. Susannah came back to London on Saturday night for a party, while I stayed on for the whole weekend, met some charming folk and generally tried to forget the horrid Friday.

Friday, January 28, 2005


antwerpen pics
Here I am at the end of the week about to head off to Brighton for the weekend and still haven't got anything up about last weekend. Struggling to get to bed early enough to wake up in time to get to work this week. Body clock seems to be back to normal now though as today is the first time I've woken up early early. (or has the stress caught up with me)

This is a new and entertaining concept for me at least: if you want to see the pics from antwerp you have to have the password which is my first middle name - starting with 'd'. Just use your name for username.

Visited Saskia at her soon-to-be-ex-flat in Antwerp, Belgium as she is off home to NZ next week. Lovely weekend; delicious food and wierd coloured belgian spirits; fantastic cafes and delightful company. One of those weekends when everything seemed worthy of a photograph, though I have picked just the best for the site.

Friday, January 21, 2005


at 3am; not good. i am determined not to call it jetlag. i think its more disorientation. i guess if you consider where its been over the past couple of weeks, its kind of clear why my body might be a little confused right now. i don't have any pics of nz to speak of. i guess i should try to describe.. no, i can't; here's one photo:

Friday, January 07, 2005


tube 4amtube 4amtube 4amtube 4amtube 4amtoo tired to write. well, ok. went to a party on new years eve in tufnell park after scouring my address book for anyone in europe who might be having a good party. and it was. lisa came home with me at 4am to help me pack bags and make sure i got to heathrow by 7am which i did, well, close enough. sergio met me at vancouver airport a little jaded (me not him). and there began the last 4 days of glorious vancouver action holiday. snoeshoeing, snowboarding in whistler, bike ride in the snow, very fun. click pics above for more. leaving for nz tomorrow midday.