Saturday, December 04, 2004

guardian angel

mm.. I am just noticing how convenient and pleasurable it is to read a paper where I am actually interested in most of what it has to say. Its such a treat to find myself absorbed in the front page, excited as i turn over to the next and feeling mentally exhausted by about the 4th. And no rugby.
Nothing against rugby and i've never really complained about it before but.. what a relief not to have it dominating an already measly paper like the herald.

Fascinating me today is the political drama surrounding the now acrimonious and curiously backward custody battle between the blind home secretary David Blunkett and the glamourous, married magazine publisher Kimberley Quin with whom he had an affair. Incredible example of a politician taking the opposite of the standard approach ie. he is not denying any failings and pretending everything is cool. I'm not sure who I feel sympathy for but it is utterly intrigueing.
Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Private lives, public crisis

Then! Naomi Klein author of No Logo replies to the Acting US Ambassador in London giving evidence that the US appears to be systematically trying to prevent journalists, doctors and others reporting or even counting the number of civilian casualties in Iraq. This was publicly requested by the Ambassador in a fairly unusual move by him trying to get previous statements retracted. More and more and more interesting.
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | You asked for my evidence, Mr Ambassador. Here it is

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Matt said...

David Blunkett went. I think it was for the best. I expect he'll come back.