Tuesday, December 14, 2004

sitting room monday evening

Jolly well looking forward to going home in a couple of weeks. Not that there is anything wrong with here. Typical week-night. Got home about 8.15 - bike is in the hall just past the stripey shirt. Polished off a healthy shot of Baileys, no dinner to cook 'cos I had a Marks and Spencer ready made meal at work at about 6.15. Finding I sleep better if I have dinner early.

On the table is my Natwest credit card which arrived tonight. Finally after over 3 weeks. I now have some means of getting money apart from going into my bank and cashing a cheque or using my NZ cards. Still no sign of a cash card tho. And the silly tossers only gave me a £700 limit. Fortunately my blood-pressure has calmed down since I've started going to the gym lately so I'm able to cope with these infuristrations.

The plier thingeys are on the table cos Alex went all xmassey at the weekend. He got a load of nuts in their shells and arrived home drunk the other night and ate a bunch of them. The mirror is here because I used it while shaving my beard this morning. Washing is hung up around the place; feels like a constant stream of business shirts, underwear, t-shirts and socks, wondering if I can justify getting an extra weeks worth of shirts and having them cleaned at the drycleaners week and week about.

What else.. ah.. listening to funky music. I'll see if I can get a bit of it up on the site...

Will be lovely to see everyone at home tho.

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